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Some Descendants of Matthaeus Hahn of Waldenweiler
copyright by  MJPG Grundy, 2002

This page is devoted to photographs and history of one branch of the Hahn family. If you have information that could help correct or enlarge this page, please e mail me at . The name Hahn is supposed to be a nickname for a "cocky, aggressive, rooster-like man." [Samuel L. Brown, Surnames are the Fossils of Speech (1965), page 137.]

From records obtained by Kenneth Hahn, the line has been traced back to Matthaeus HAHN1, village mayor (Schultheiss) of Waldenweiler, northeast of Stuttgart, in what is now Germany, and his wife Eva SCHNEIDER. Their son was Georg Adam HAHN2, who was born 28 March 1766 in Waldenweiler.

Georg's girl friend was Christina Dorothea HEUSER, born 30 November 1779 in Lippoldsweiler. Her father was Johann Adam HEUSER, and her mother was Maria Gottliebin KRAUTER. Christina had a baby on 7 February 1791, in Lippoldsweiler, who was named Johann Jacob. Georg acknowledged paternity. The baby died two days later. The couple was married 10 May 1791 in Unterweissach. There were six more children. Georg died 2 April 1836 in Waldenweiler.

Children of Georg Adam Hahn and Christina Dorothea Heuser:

i. Johann Jacob Hahn3, b. 7 Feb. 1791 in Lippoldsweiler; d. 9 Feb. 1791 in Lippoldsweiler.

ii. Johann Adam Hahn, b. 7 Feb. 1793 in Waldenweiler.

iii. Johan David Hahn, b. 6 Apr. 1795 in Waldenweiler; d. 21 Aug. 1886.

iv. Gottlieb Hahn, b. 16 Jan. 1798 in Waldenweiler; d. 2 Aug. 1799 in Waldenweiler.

v. Johann Christoph Hahn, b. 9 Sept. 1800 in Waldenweiler.

vi. Johann Gottlieb Hahn, b. 28 Jan. 1803 in Waldenweiler; d. 1 Apr. 1818 in Waldenweiler.

vii. Christina Catherine Hahn, b. 19 Jan. 1806 in Waldenweiler.

 Johan David HAHN3, was born 6 April 1795 in Waldenweiler. According to Kenneth Hahn's father's diary, Johan David died August 21, 1886 at the age of 91. I don't know his wife's name, or any more about him, except that Ken Hahn remembered family stories that the family was engaged in lumbering, or were woodsmen. If any reader can help me here, I would be very grateful.

Children of Johan David Hahn (order uncertain):

i. Maria Hahn4, who married Adolf BADER and had a son
    Carol Adolf Bader who m. Maude SMITH and had a daughter Flora Bader who m. Alton F. EVANS.

ii. Rose (Rosina) Hahn, b. 24 June 1824; d. 11 May 1912; married Wilhelm Gottlieb EPPLE (he was born 15
    May 1815 and died 21 Nov. 1911). They had 5 children: Amelia E. who married her cousin Louis Carl
    HAHN; Pauline, Fredericka, Wilhelm, and Karl.

iii. Johanna Hahn, who married Jacob ZEHENDER, and immigrated to the USA. They had a
    confectionary business at 1926 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. In a 1870 city directory, the confectioner
    lived at 1938 Market St. According to Ken Hahn, their last address was 505 Queen Lane (in
    Germantown, Philadelphia). After Jacob Zehender died, Johanna took up residence at the home of her
    neice, Mrs. Hannah KING (granddaughter of Johanna's brother Henry), at 1164 North 65th St., Phila.,
    where Johanna died.

iv. Karl David Hahn, born 2 Oct. 1833, in the county (?) of Badnung, Wurtemburg; died 10 Oct. 1908.

v. Henry Hahn who had a daughter Hanna Hahn who married ____ KNOEDLER; they had a daughter Hanna
    Knoedler who married Leroy KING. Hanna Knoedler King died 13 Dec. 1957.
Modern map of the area in Germany where the Hahns lived. Unfortunately it does not show the small villages.
Backnang is the equivalent of the county seat where vital statistics were recorded.

First Generation in the USA

Karl David Hahn4, son of Johan David Hahn, was born on 2 October 1833, and died 10 October 1908. His birth was registered in "Badnung", Wurtemburg. Presumably Waldenweiler is a small village whose vital statistics would have been collected in Backnang (the correct modern spelling).

Karl immigrated to the United States between 1856 and 1859, although I have not yet found the date or ship. Karl David Hahn, born on 2 Oct. 1833 in Waldenweiler, applied at the county seat, Backnang, in January 1856, for permission to emigrate to North America. [film # 549606 of the Genealogical Society of Utah]. After arriving in the USA he changed the spelling of his first name to Charles. On 10 June 1859 he renounced allegiance to the King of Wurtemburg and declared his intention of becoming a United States citizen. This was made official on 7 October 1868 in the court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Charles married Fredericka LEIBRANDT, who was said to have immigrated from Germany by herself via New Orleans, but I have been unable to confirm that. I have checked the New Orleans passenger list index from 1853-1899 and found no Leibrandt, Liebrandt, or Librandt, with or without the "d" or "t". But in the Atlantic and Gulf Ports (excluding New York) index for 1820-1874, I found a Jacoline Librand, a female aged 44, accompanied by Andreas and Frederica. They came to Baltimore 10/1/1836 [National Archives- Passenger Ship Lists, Md. p. 5, Balt., 47]. Fredericka's granddaughter (Alma Hahn Grundy) said she could not remember ever having heard Fredericka speak of her parents or family. If a viewer of this page has information on the LEIBRANDT family I would be delighted and much obliged to learn more. I do not know how Fredericka met Charles, or when she came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Charles was a baker who owned his own shop in his home on Bridge Street across from the Frankford Arsenel in Philadelphia. An 1897 Philadelphia directory lists him as a baker on Bridge Street at the corner of Water, in Frankford. Water Street was later renamed Milnor. The building has since been torn down. This glass compote used to be in the shop window for displaying baked goods.

Charles was said to have owned a number of houses on Harrison Street, which he rented out as income properties. According to his grandson Frederick's diaries, the family moved from Bridge Street to 1744 Harrison on 26 April 1894. The diaries were in the possession of Frederick's son, Kenneth Hahn, but I have not personally seen them and do not know their present whereabouts.

Photo of the church at Tackawana and Plum, taken in 1978.Alma Hahn Grundy remembers Charles being spoken of as being very sternly religious, a member of the Immanuel (German) Lutheran Church at Tackawana and Plum Streets in Philadelphia. Alma said there used to be a picture of him hanging in the church. The congregation moved to Somerton, perhaps about 1970. The building currently houses a Korean Christian congregation.

Charles died 10 October 1908 at 1744 Harrison Street. His death certificate says he died at 1:15 a.m. of a gastric ulcer. The physician who signed it, A. H. Sterner, MD, of 2119 Orthodox St., reported he had been attending him for it since March 1908 and last saw him alive on Oct. 10, the day Charles died. He was buried 13 October at North Cedar Hill. The undertaker was John Rose of 2616 Bridge St., Bridesburg.

Fredericka died 5 April 1918. This is a copy of Charles's will, in German:

Children of Charles David Hahn and Fredericka Leibrandt Hahn:

i. Katherine ("Aunt Kate") Hahn5, b. 1861; d. 24 Jan. 1929; m. Isaac ("Ike") MENG, b. ____ 1858; d.
    ____ 1940. The Mengs had a grocery store across the street from her brother William's family. Had one son:
    Frederick, a physician at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia. He m. (1) Katherine WHITMAN, divorced;
    and m. (2) Betty OTTINGER.
ii. Louis Hahn, b. 27 Mar. 1863; d. 18 Oct. 1947; m. Amelia ("Molly") EPPLY, his first cousin. Operated
    a "fine bakery and confectionary" on Queen Lane in Germantown. Gottlieb ____, a German baker, was
    part of their household for many years, until Gottlieb's death. Louis and Molly had 4 children: Carl, Rose,
    Amelia, and Herman.
iii. Charles Hahn, b. ____; d. 24 Jan. 1929; m. Martha ____. She had previously been married to ____
    TOBLER, and had two sons by him who both attended Girard College. Charles and Martha had three
    children: Walter, Frank, and Elsie. Elsie was burned to death at age 9, while playing with matches.
iv. William Jacob Hahn, b. 30 Sept. 1867; d. 15 May 1925; m. 30 Nov. 1891 Leonora Trench SMITH.
    See below.
v. Jacob "Jake" Hahn, b. 16 Jan. 1869; d. 16 Dec. 1949; m. 6 May 1896 Sally ___. Resided next to his
   brother William on Melrose St. They had 6 children: Loretta (b. 2/1897), Louis (b. 3/1898, gassed in
   World War I), Margaretta, Russell, Albert, and William.
vi. Frederick Hahn, b. 26 Sept. 1871; d. 5 May 1949; m. 1 Dec. 1901 Eva Maude SMITH. They lived on
   Harrison St. Frederick kept a diary that he passed down to his son, Kenneth Hahn. Two children:
   Kenneth and Edith.
1744 Harrison, where Charles David Hahn died.  (1978 photo) 4808 E. Thompson, where William J. Hahn and Leonora T. Smith were said to be married. (1978 photo) 4507 E. Thompson, final home of William Smith, father of Lenora Smith Hahn (1978 photo)

Second Generation in the USA

Caroline Hahn, according to her gravestone, was born 4 December 1865 and died 26 January 1937. Her death certificate gave her mother's name as Eva WAHL, but left her father's name blank. It may be that her uncle was Carl/Charles David Hahn, mentioned above. [Information has been given to me about her and her descendants by John Rumbaugh, 6/2003.] More research is needed to find just how she fits into the family tree. If any reader can offer information, it will be most appreciated.

About 1886 Caroline married John KIRSCHNEK. He had been born 5 October 1861 in Austria, and died 4 November 1934 in Media, Pennsylvania.

Children of John and Caroline (Hahn) Kirschnek who grew to adulthood (several others died in infancy):

i. John J. Kirschnek, b. 14 Oct. 1889 in Malvern, Penna.; d. 20 Dec. 1953 in Clifton Heights, Penna.; m. 27 Jan.
   1884 Mary VAIL. She was b. 27 Jan. 1884 and d. 18 Apr. 1934; two children.

ii. Charles Kirschnek, b. 14 Aug. 1891; d.23 Jan. 1965; m. Sarah MOORE; 6 children.

iii. Hanna Kirschnek, b. 5 Sept. 1893; d. 22 Jan. 1975.

iv. Mabel Kirschnek, b. 6 July 1897; d. 11 Dec. 1977; m. William IRVING; no children.

v. Caroline Kirschnek, b. 190_; d. 195_; m. Arthur Montagu CHOMELEY-JONES; 1 child.

vi. Eleanor Kirschnek, b. 23 Oct. 1908; d. 21 Dec. 1993; m. Benjamin HAZELL; 1 child.

Louis Hahn5 was born 27 March 1863, and died 18 October 1947. He married on 5 December 1889 Amelia ("Molly") EPPLY, his first cousin.

Louis Operated a "fine bakery and confectionary" at 242 Queen Lane in Germantown. This photo, from Susan McShane shows Louis's daughters Rose and Amelia on the steps of the bakery.

Gottlieb ____, a German baker, was part of their household for many years, until Gottlieb's death.

The bakery had two counters inside. Unfortunately, this photograph only gives a hint of what the interior looked like.

The bakery also made deliveries, using this horse and wagon.
In 1890 the family lived at 234 Bridge Street in Frankford. In 1900 they lived at 253 Queen Lane, Germantown.

Children of Louis and Molly (Epply) Hahn:

i.     Carl,

ii.   Rose H.,

iii.  Amelia F.,

iv.   Herman.

William Jacob HAHN5 was born 30 September 1867, the youngest son of Charles David Hahn and Fredericka Leibrandt Hahn; he died 15 May 1925. William married on 30 November 1891 Leonora (or Lenora) Trench SMITH. She was born 28 March 1873 on Onyx Street, Philadelphia, the daughter of William and Emma (Scull) Smith, and died October 22,1941. At the time of Leonora's wedding, the Smiths lived in Philadelphia, and the wedding took place in their house at 4808 E. Thompson St.

Here are pictures of Leonora's parents: Emma Scull Smith on the left; in the photograph on the right William Smith is standing beside the porch, and Leonora is on the porch. I do not know which house this is. It doesn't seem to be either of the ones on E. Thompson Street.
.... .     . Photographs courtesy of Russ Conwell.
At first William worked in the family bakery. But after suffering from "baker's asthma" he got a job driving a horse-drawn delivery wagon on a regular route for another baker. Later he worked as a laborer, then as a tinsmith for Frankford Arsenal. The scene in the sketch to the right, provided by the Arsenal, would have been a familiar sight to William.

On the mantelpiece in the living room Leonora had two decorative vases in which she kept US flags. During the early enthusiasm/hysteria of the First World War, a neighbor stopped by. The family assumed he was checking on the patriotism of these second and third generation Germans. He saw the flags and was apparently assured of the family's acceptability.

Building # 40 at the Frankford Arsenal was built about 1864 as a machine shop, and served as such until just prior to 1900.
 This is the only relatively clear photograph I have been able to find of William Jacob Hahn. He is shown here with his two youngest surviving children, Alma and Elwood.

Leonora was remembered as a hard worker, working part time in the bakery when she was a young wife and mother. She cared for her brother Claude Cuthbert SMITH, Sr. and his family during the influenza epidemic of 1918 (Claude's wife, Mary Ellen (RENN) Smith, died of it). After her husband died, Leonora took a job at the Arsenal.

.. .. ..
These photographs show Leonora at the front door of her home on Melrose Street, in her bathing costume at Ocean City, in the back yard of the Melrose Street house, and on the board walk in 1935.

William died 15 May 1925; Lenora died 22 October 1941.

Children of William Jacob and Leonora Trench (Smith) Hahn:

i.    William Hahn, d.y.

ii.   Fredericka Hahn, b. 9 Aug. 1893; d. 21 Oct. 1974, who m. Arthur William BOESLER 9 Aug. 1916; had 2 sons.

iii.  Ethel Hahn, b. 20 July 1895, d. 12 Dec. 1977, who m. Julius Albert GEBAUER, Sr. 6 Nov. 1915; had 2 children.

iv.   Emma Hahn, b. 6 Mar. 1897, d. 20 July 1984, who m. James BUTTERWORTH 16 June 1923; had 2 daughters.

v.    Claude Cuthbert Hahn, b. ca. 1899; died young.

vi.   Leonora ("Leah") Trench Hahn, b. 6 Sept. 1902, d. 9 Oct. 1980, who m. William James GORRELL 6 May 1922; had 3 daughters.

vii.  Kathryn Hahn, b. 1 June 1905, d. 10 June 1994, who m. Edward VEITH 5 July 1924; had 4 children.

viii.  Leroy Hahn, b. 10 Oct. 1909, a twin, died on a hot summer day at the age of about 16 or 18 months.

ix.   Alma Hahn, b. 10 Oct. 1909, a twin, who m. William GRUNDY 20 June 1931; 2 children.

x.    Elwood ("Pud") Hahn, b. 19 Jan. 1911, who m. Mildred Alethea MORRIS 2 Oct. 1937; 2 children.

Third Generation in the USA
Because this page is getting large, and a lot of photographs will lengthen the time of downloading, and this third generation only has pictures of the descendants of William and Leonora, it has been set off as a separate page.

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